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Re-visiting and re-sketching

This past couple of weeks I’ve been re-sketching some places I’ve sketched before. First, there is a Subway store I usually go for lunch. I’ve sketched the people in the line more than a dozen times, but as everyone is unique, I don’t get bored. Every patron strikes a different pose, and I quickly try to capture it, usually with pencil.

A few minutes ago I was at a Tren Urbano station, the board announced the nex train arrived in 13 minutes. So I got out my sketchbook, a dark blue Sharpie and sketched the landscape. I’d done that same view before, but last time it was a beautiful, energetic sunset with striking colors. Today it is a hazy afternoon, with light showers on and off. This time colors are much more subdued, but I managed to finish right as the train arrived. Here is today’s effort:

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