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About Me


I am a Puerto Rican illustrator, urban sketcher, caricaturist and editorial cartoonist currently living in Dallas, Texas. I am an architect by trade, but I love illustration as well. I am a big fan of coffee, hats, music and sports (Go Mavs!!). I have worked on several architecture and design studios for the last twenty years. I also taught representation courses at different universities and disciplines, such as architecture, landscape architecture and industrial design. For my illustrations I use different media such as pencil, ink, markers, watercolors and digital.

For the last few years I have specialized in live illustration, capturing events with my sketches as they happen. Because of the current pandemic, I have not been working live events. I have been creating illustrations for books and doing studio caricatures. I have also started an editorial cartooning page, Facepalmed! I regularly post my illustrations on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


I am glad that you stopped by; drop me a few lines and I'll get back to you soon.

Sketchfully yours,

Luis E. Aparicio

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