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I am a Puerto Rican illustrator currently living in Dallas, Texas. I am an architect by trade, but live illustration is my passion. I am a big fan of coffee, hats, music and sports. (Go Mavs!!)


My first encounters with live sketching started back when I studied architecture at the University of Puerto Rico. I became quite adept at drawing both by hand and digitally, eventually teaching architectural representation at various design schools in Puerto Rico. I am an avid urban sketcher and was one of the founders of Urban Sketchers Philadelphia. 


While I certainly enjoy sketching buildings, these drawings feel cold without including the people enjoying these spaces. So I have become more and more interested in drawing people in action as the main subject. Through my art I found a way to combine my love for sports, music and drawing.


Along the years I have also grown more interested for style and fashion. It’s a fascinating world which brings forward a lot of the sensibility and creativity I have been exposed to most of my life. I also discovered that I enjoy fashion illustration as much as drawing athletes and musicians. As a live illustrator I can record events and experiences in my own unique way.


Nowadays everyone carries a quality camera in their pocket or purse. But when I sketch, my goal is not to draw like a photo; I distill the essentials, editorialize in real time and convey the emotions and the feelings I perceive.

I am glad that you stopped by; drop me a few lines and I'll get back to you soon.

Sketchfully yours,

Luis E. Aparicio

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