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Ode to Hideous

Could somebody PLEASE incorporate Aesthetics 101 into Engineering Curricula? When an otherwise beautiful landscape is completely disregarded and desecrated with all sorts of “engineering marvels” we should really be offended.

Today I sketched the view from my work’s parking space. Not even mature trees can cover up and hide the magnificent display of towers, power cables, antennas, chimneys, cranes and transformers. It is like if they throw all the items listed on their catalog, shuffle them and place them all at once. I don’t even wanna talk about all the humongous signs that are sprouting (or pouring) across our island.

I know that bad taste is not a crime, but I’d bet anything that these people have to be in violation of at least one environment protection law. And, to make it worse, it also looks absolutely hideous…

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