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My First Caricature

I had always admired caricaturists, how they instantly grasp the persons’ distinctive features, but I never had an interest in learning to draw them. That was until a couple of weeks ago, when in Orlando. There was a caricaturist booth at the hotel, and I spent some time watching them do their stuff, and it was almost like magic… Just a couple minutes, a few strokes and, bam! there appears the person in the middle of the page.

To make a long story short, I bought a “how-to-draw-caricatures” book at the booth, and read it once during the flight back home. Every once in a while I read a couple pages, but this past Sunday decided to try to draw one.

But who can I use as a model? I went through my Facebook friends and found the perfect one…what else is your “little” brother good for?

I took inspiration from three pictures, as to grasp his likeness, while not trying to reproduce any of the photographs. His fiancé says it really looks like him, so who better to say?

Here’s my take on my little bro:

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