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Today I went sketching to the Galería Nacional in Old San Juan, where my friends Vladimir Garcia and Doel Fresse have set up a very interesting and attractive exposition called “Revuelo”; they covered the building’s courtyard with 450 pink kites, beautifully contrasting with the bright blue sky and the colonial architecture.

I went larger than usual, using a 10″x 15″ watercolor pad. I used a magenta waterproof drawing ink for the kites and did the rest with watercolors, washing freely over the ink. I also did a few experiments with other media, such as markers and pastel pencil; maybe later I’ll post them.

Before heading home, I purchased a souvenir pink kite to remember the event. Apparently I’m the first person that buys it. I must say that sales are not the strength of the employees there… It’s none of their business to tell visitors they think the kites are expensive. Its not that I didn’t know how much they were, as Vlad had sent me a message earlier this week. Imagine a waiter saying he thinks a dish is too expensive…

Anyways, here is my Revuelo:

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