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They need a chance

Today it was my first day of a new lifestyle. When I moved back to the Metro area, my main interest was to be able to leave the car at home and use the train, ferry and buses as much as possible. Well, my partial layoff from work has finally forced me to leave the car and use the available means. I’ll have to walk a lot but that does me good, so, I’m embracing the change.

I decided to use the opportunity to practice sketching people. Usually when I’m doing quick sketches I like to pass as unnoticed as possible. But today a young lady noticed I what I was doing and started talking to me. She said she was a “street artist”.

Well, I thought that is also what I am… But no, she was a graffiti artist. As an architect I tend to despite graffiti, although I’ve met a few guys that can do some amazing stuff with a few spray cans. And to my surprise, she came out to be one of those few. She showed me a picture of one of her works and I was amazed. Then she stood up, wished me luck and left.

The chance of me seeing her work again is pretty slim. The odds heavily un-favor her becoming a known artist or even me meeting her again at the train. But she made me realize there is a lot of hidden talent in our youngsters, and will inspire me to work harder so that they can have a chance to show what they got.

These are the sketches I was doing when she noticed:

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