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Still sketching tight

Friday night I went to a very interesting presentation, called Pecha Kucha.  It is a style originated in Japan designed  for oral presentations to be fast and concise… Designers like to talk too much, so the presentation format is that you show 20 slides and can only speak 20 seconds on each.  They move with a fast pace, so it is dynamic and entertaining.  I got hooked with it and will be exploring how to use this concept.

Yesterday I got to make two sketches that I’m not that thrilled about but I’m gonna post them anyway.

The first sketch was done at the Tren Urbano, our equivalent of a subway (although it goes underground for only like 5 minutes…).  Keeping with the spirit of the Pecha Kucha, I sketched it very fast, around 2-3 minutes, with a sepia colored Pigma micron felt tip pen.  I was attempting to sketch it completely without lifting the pen from the paper, but I caught myself lifting it a couple of times.  It is a nice challenge that I’ll keep practicing to improve looseness.

The other sketch was done in Manatí, and was done directly with watercolors on a Moleskin sketchbook.  I selected a run down wood house, probably from early-mid 20th century that is close to the plaza.  I chose not to draw any outlines or guide lines, but to simply get the paper wet, start dropping colors while deciding on a composition on the go.

I spent around 40 minutes on this one.  In my opinion it is too “tight”.  I need to wet the paper more before dropping in the colors.  This was done with Yarka watercolors on a 8″x5″ Moleskine sketchbook.

In order to get to do a real Pecha Kucha I probably need to do 20 sketches in 20 minutes.  This could be a very interesting exercise.  I’ll be practicing until I can do it.  Yesterday I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art with my family and I saw some very inspiring works.  If I mix both concepts I know I can get a very intriguing result.

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