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Sketching non-architectural subjects

I always tend to sketch architectural subjects, buildings, sculptures or spaces; of course, that’s what I’ve practiced for years.  One of the coolest things about the blogging communities and forums is that you get to see what other people who share your interests are doing.  I see a lot of incredible sketches by great artists whose subjects are objects or people from their daily life.  Rather than being ordinary or mundane, their subjects are very interesting, dynamic and vibrant.  So, I’ve started a new sketchbook devoted to non-architectural sketches, things from my everyday life which I will record as if it was a journal.  But it is still a sketchbook… for the time I’ll stick to sketching rather than writing there.

Today was my first day and I am surprised at how much I sketched.  Instead of going out with the purpose of sketching, I took out the sketchbook whenever I felt to, but with absolutely no pressure to even do a single drawing.  I took a black fine Sharpie, a grey ultra-fine Sharpie, and the Pentel Manga set, fine brush-like markers.  I sketched while at lunch and later at a poker tournament that I played at a local billiards room.  Probably I’ll be sketching everyday now… no pressure, no watercolors, just ink on cheap paper.  Here are some I did today:

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