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Sketching @Abracadabra, Santurce

Well, I had never tasted any of the two “artisanal” beers they had, so I tried them both.  I googled one of them, Blue Moon beer and it’s apparently brewed by Coors Brewing Company… However, it is an unfiltered beer with cloudy appearance, spiced with coriander and orange peel, so it is an unusual enough beer to feel special.  I liked it; a bit sweet to my taste, but I could have a couple some other day.  We also ordered something to eat I can’t remember now, but it was good too.

Although the place was a little brighter than perfect, and after a couple of hours the servers were MIA, it was a nice experience and I will go back as soon as I have the chance.

I had one of our handout sketch pads and did some sketches, here are some of them:

#sketching #waterbrush #loose #PuertoRico #garabatos #architecture #Santurce #Yarka #bocetos #sketch #felttippen #watercolours #watercolors #dibujo

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