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Re-visiting Sketching School

Today I went with my wife to Old San Juan with our sketching materials.  On the way there, my car broke down, but I managed to get to the parking lot at La Puntilla and left it there… hope it is still there tomorrow morning.  We went to a very nice coffee-house called Cuatro Sombras in Calle Recinto Sur #259.  The coffee was not the best I’ve had, but the experience was so good that I’m giving it another try some day soon… maybe the barista was new…

There they have this stunning piece of machinery, which I’m guessing is used to roast the coffee grains.  The shape and colors contrast beautifully with the warm wooden boards.  My sketch is nowhere near of conveying the energy of the space there.  I tried to be loose but… I think that somehow ended sloppy instead of loose… I’ll try it again on my next visit.  Next time I’ll focus more on the place as a whole than on the object.  This was done with a Paper Mate flair and watercolors with a water brush.

So, as we have no car to get home, we decided to get to the ferry.  We got our sketchbooks out, and speed-sketching we went… a-la Prof. Leytham’s Sketching School

I’d love to include more people in my sketches, as they convey the sense of place.  In my last sketch from the ferry, I decided to sketch the two women that were gossiping right in front of me.  Notice the husband of the woman with the hat is there too; he is completely disregarding their conversation…

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