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Pen brushing and coloring

Here are a couple of sketches I did yesterday with the pen brush. The first one was a 10 minute sketch while at lunch. I colored it with Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens. The second one was done in-between jobs, in around 20 minutes, while having coffee at Café Cuatro Sombras in Old San Juan. I used watercolors with a Pentel waterbrush.

As always, there are parts of each sketch I really like, mixed in with ones that not so much. In the first one I like how the were defined with very few lines. In the second one I love how the barista with his full apron and the checkered floor pattern came out.

Color-wise, I like the man’s shirt a lot, probably because it is very different from the actual shirt. Don’t know why it is so difficult for me to improvise colors with the watercolors. I need to try using them more saturated to see if it makes a difference.

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