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Overcoming my fears

When I was 10 years old I tried, as any other kid, to draw cars.  As  happens to almost everyone, the result wasn’t what I expected, so I stopped trying to draw them.  For years I’ve dodged drawing cars or faces.  Of course, when doing an architectural rendering I, either traced one or sketched a very generic one, with no details, just suggesting the scale.  Fair enough, the sketched blob has done its job, but deep inside I have been wanting to be able to draw them.

Well, today I did my first sketch of a non-blob car as an adult.  I decided that it was time I overcome my fears and start practicing sketching them properly.  I’m not doing neurosurgery, so I’m allowed to commit as many mistakes as I want.  As a friend of mine says, it is just a small drawing.

I used to own a Prius, and I loved it, and thus miss it very much.  So I googled for a picture of a Prius; mine was silver, but I wanted to use more brilliant colors so went for one with a red Prius.  The result wasn’t exactly as I had in mind, but there are parts of the sketch I love.  I need to keep practicing, a lot, especially the tires and rims, another epic proportions fail.  All in all, for being my first car drawn in 30 years I can’t complain that much.

I love the video tutorials some automotive designers have uploaded into Youtube; these guys do some wonderful drawings and marker renderings of the most exotic sports cars.  I watch them to learn techniques, but I don’t see myself doing those types of drawings.  It is like drawing manga, superheroes, monsters or spaceships.  I’d like to know how those guys do it, just because some of the techniques are incredible, but I don’t particularly like those subjects.

My next step will be people.  Just another small drawing…

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