My latest illustration projects

The pandemic has locked everyone down for most of the year. I have been beyond frustrated with how the federal government has handled the COVID situation, so I decided to use my drawings to express how I feel about it by doing editorial cartooning. I started a webpage called Facepalmed!, criticizing the actions of #45 and his blind supporters. I know that about half the people won't like it, but it is a very personal project for me, in which I use my rights of freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

I also have been doing the illustrations for an upcoming book by Rosa Mercado Díaz, "Calle Luna #98: La escuela del Maestro Rafael". It is a fictional story based on a historical figure in Puerto Rico, Rafael Cordero Molina. I loved Rosa's writing and looked to convey the emotions she was describing in words, which was a very rewarding experience for me. I am very excited of having been part of this project; I sincerely hope it is a successful endeavor for Rosa.

I have been inspired by participating in this book so much that I am working on my own book projects, so hopefully soon I will be a "published author" (knock on wood!). Will share details moving forward.

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