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My first sketch at a beach

Isn’t it strange that, although I live on a small island, this is the first time that I sketch a beach scene?  I just figured that out…  I live like a 20 minute drive from some nice beaches, but I normally go sketch at an urban setting, probably due to my architecture background.  Today I went with my family to this place, like a 35 minute drive from home, specifically to get one of the most delicious snacks I’ve ever had, a “bocadillo de marlin”.  It looks a lot like a cordon bleu on the outside.  However, on the inside it actually holds a very generous portion of the most tender marlin filet ever… for the extremely reasonable price of $3.  When put together with a very cold Medalla (the local beer) it is absolutely priceless.

I’d gone several times to the place since I met my wife 17 years ago, but today it was the first time I walked down the street to where the beach is.  It is really close, like 200 ft away from the restaurant, but I never cared to find out what was at the end of the street.  It was actually a nicer scene than I thought.  So I took out one of my sketchbooks and the watercolors.

I sketched it directly with the watercolors on a 8″x 5″ sketchbook in less than 10 minutes.  I really liked sketching that fast, but I still have to figure out a way to set myself up quicker.  I spent like 10 minutes preparing everything before starting and around 10 more minutes packing everything up again.  I have tried the pen-brush, and while it does an acceptable job with water-soluble pencils, I don’t like how it handles the actual watercolors.  I would’ve loved to do several sketches of this place, so I guess I need to find out a way to achieve a quicker set-up if I want to keep my interest at the same level longer.

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