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Garabateando #2, Puerta de San Juan: Results

I’m a week late on posting this, so I better get going. Last Saturday we had our 2nd official event at the Puerta de San Juan in Old San Juan. It was nice that my father-in-law spent a little time with us, but it was really a nice surprise that he sketched a little. That is what we’re all about, that people at least do a couple of scribbles with us, so it meant a lot to us that he did. We were there for almost two hours, and we tried to get to sketch at the cemetery (it is really very nice, dating from mid 19th century). However, the heat was exhausting, so instead we took a break to get a burger at “El Patio de Sam” (really nice restaurant located at San Sebastián Street). Then we did an encore sketch at the Plaza del Quinto Centenario. It was like the good old times with some excellent friends.

Here are my “garabatos” for the afternoon:

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