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Experimenting with Copics

Last Saturday Prof. Leytham lent me his Sailor brush pen so I could try it.  It is designed for Japanese calligraphy, which brush can produce beautiful lines of different widths.  I fell in love with it and will be purchasing one promptly.  Tonight I wanted to see if the brush tip of my Copic markers would work in a similar way.

I decided to try them on one of my sketchbooks, a Hand-book with heavyweight sheets.  These are supposed to take light watercolor washes, but as soon as the marker tip touched the paper, I got instant bleed-through.  I was disappointed; I haven’t found a sketchbook that can take markers with minimal bleed-through.  Well, in a very careless way I continued to try some of the colors.  All of a sudden, I could kind of see one of the armchairs I have in my living room.  So I went that way, trying to develop a bit of what I saw around me.  Behind the armchair there are two balloons still alive from my wife’s birthday party three weeks ago.  I kept experimenting with different colors with very fast strokes that barely touched the surface; I didn’t want to saturate the paper.

Well, the Copics’ tip won’t behave as the brush pen, but I still like the possibilities, even if this isn’t the right paper.

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