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Attendance… Optional? Thanks but no thanks…

The other day I invited my whole class to go out and sketch at Old San Juan.  It’s true that I told them attendance wasn’t required, but I didn’t expect no one would come.  One of my students, who happens to be a very good friend since I was a student, was the only one who finally came.  I still can’t believe it.  If one of my professors invited me to go out and sketch I was the first one there!  And so were my friends in college.  More than 10 years after graduating we still sometimes get together, one of the professors included, in sketching trips.  What is it, students don’t like to sketch nowadays?

Well, anyways… we had a really nice session, and ended up having lunch at this little family restaurant which is awesome, good service, great food and even greater prices.  It’s called “Los Yeyos”, in 353 Calle San Francisco.

Here are some of my sketches that day:

The first one was done with Sennelier watercolors on a 5″x 8″ Moleskine watercolor sketchbook (around 35 minutes), the rest was done with a Lyra 1772 9-B Graphitkreide on a regular 8″x 8″ sketchbook (15 minutes each).

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