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Abuela Chave, hasta luego…

This past Saturday my grandma Abuela Chave passed away.  She was 98.  Even though she had been sick for some time it was still a difficult time, especially for my father and my two uncles.  We went to her hometown, Ciales, for her services.  I hadn’t been there in some time, after spending nearly every weekend there while I was growing up.  Both my parents were raised there, so we visited weekly my four grandparents.  My dad’s father passed away some years ago, but both my mom’s parents are still alive, one is 100 and the other is 98.  I’ve been lucky enough to have them for so long.  I remember my Abuela Chave’s specialty, “alcapurrias”, a traditional puertorican snack; she prepared them as no other I’ve tasted anywhere.

I passed some time driving around the town, and reliving those memories in the Calle Obrero.  I wanted to sketch her now vacant house but it was an emotionally difficult task… maybe some other time.  However, right besides the funeral home a park has been built that has a beautiful view to part of the town.  I felt then like sketching, as a little homage to Abuela Chave and her beloved hometown…  I don’t know when, if ever, I’m going back to Ciales, so spending a little time sketching will help me keep my childhood memories alive.

Abuela Chave, hasta luego…

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