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2011 Re-visited: Time for Some Reflection.

This is probably my last post until next year; 2011 has been, sketching-wise, my most prolific year to date. I have tried new media, practiced a lot with graphite and watercolors, have become much more confident with my sketching and, most of all, have had a lot of fun.

This year I have started some projects that I that, even though they are in very early stages and have lots to improve, I’m very proud of. First of all, it’s almost a year since I started my blog “Sketchfully Yours”. I’ve had a lot of unexpected support and encouragement from readers, the blogging community and fellow sketchers. Last March I joined The Sketching Forum, a very friendly community of international sketchers where we share our passion for sketching and help each other by sharing tips, reviews and techniques. I also joined Urban Sketchers, a respected international sketching community.

Early this year I met Prof. Tom Leytham and his Sketching School; I believe this experience was vital on my development as a sketcher. I submitted one of the sketches I made with him to the “Strokes of Genius 4 Competition”, being selected for an upcoming publication.

Also, last June my wife and I started our weekly sketching group, . We have lots of plans for next year. I also spent a morning sketching with my friends at Taller D Espacio. I even made the news, when I was interviewed for an article on artists who use devices such as iPhone or iPad, published in our most read newspaper, El Nuevo Día.

We participated in the artistic event La Campechada, in which I sold my first sketch. This led to me opening my Etsy store, which had lots of hits. From never selling a sketch, now I’ve sold around forty of my originals; it’s so satisfying when people like what you do.

As I said, this has been a very busy year, not counting all my other professional, academic and business endeavors. I also made several new friends from diverse artistic backgrounds. I know 2012 will be better, which means even busier. What’s important is that I’m enjoying sketching much more than ever.

For now, I just want to share a couple of watercolor sketches I did yesterday, while staying at a friend’s in Rio Mar, Rio Grande, PR.

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