Sketching @ Plaza de Armas

Here’s another quick sketch while taking a break in between jobs; spent around 25 minutes doing this one. I watercolored first, then used the Sharpie and then did a couple shadows with a greyish lavender Copic marker.


Sketching with a Sharpie

When trying out different media sometimes I forget the ones I started with. In architecture school a Sharpie and tracing paper are (or at least were…) the most used items. A couple of days ago I purchased a double-tip Sharpie, my favorite.

Today I took a small break to do this sketch at Plaza de Armas in Old San Juan. This time I decided to draw the side opposite to the City Hall, a first time for me. Actually this is probably my favorite sketch I’ve done at Plaza de Armas.

It took me 25 minutes, 5 more than I had planned, but who’s complaining? I did enjoy this impromptu session.


Second Post Today, More Sketches

Two posts in just a few hours? I don’t remember having done this before, but as I am now posting from my phone it gets a lot easier. Also, the last few days I’ve been sketching a lot, so I don’t want to get behind.

I did these while waiting for my class to start. One was while having a sandwich at La Tortuga, the other is my third version of El Callejón del Hospital. What I like about this one is that all the color was put in before the black. It is really my interpretation of how I was seeing the place and not a sketch I colored.



Mixed Media on Super Bowl Sunday

I did a few sketches yesterday with different media, charcoal pencil, graphite pencil, markers, pen brush and a felt tip point pen. Some of them were done while watching the Super Bowl with a group of excellent friends. I like that switching media keeps me exploring and even feels like I’m playing.






Pen brushing and coloring

Here are a couple of sketches I did yesterday with the pen brush. The first one was a 10 minute sketch while at lunch. I colored it with Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens. The second one was done in-between jobs, in around 20 minutes, while having coffee at Café Cuatro Sombras in Old San Juan. I used watercolors with a Pentel waterbrush.

As always, there are parts of each sketch I really like, mixed in with ones that not so much. In the first one I like how the were defined with very few lines. In the second one I love how the barista with his full apron and the checkered floor pattern came out.

Color-wise, I like the man’s shirt a lot, probably because it is very different from the actual shirt. Don’t know why it is so difficult for me to improvise colors with the watercolors. I need to try using them more saturated to see if it makes a difference.




Lately I’ve been trying to do some more experimentation with other media. I found a pen brush I had bought a while ago next to my son’s box of crayons, so decided to take them for a test ride.

First of all, I’m in love (once again) with the pen brush; it’s responsiveness is unlike any other pen or marker I’ve tried. It’s barely controllable (at least at first) so it is a bit tricky. However, the range of lines I’ve been able to get with it, from broad strokes to hair-fine lines, is phenomenal.

Then the crayons… I thought that the contrast between the rough crayon and the smooth ink line would be very interesting. Maybe it’s the paper which isn’t rough enough, but I’m not thrilled about how the crayon came out. Maybe it’s a combination of the size and texture of the paper that isn’t helping, so I haven’t discarded the experiment yet. At this point I believe that a loose watercolor splash or a few selected marker strokes would’ve worked better.

Or with a high liter, perhaps? Hmm…